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8 Best Route Management Software Solutions for 2024

Assessing the importance of route management software for businesses offering delivery services, and the various software solutions available for your delivery operation.

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If more local businesses shift their focus to providing improved customer service delivery systems, it becomes essential to enlist the assistance of software to keep things running smoothly. Businesses use route management software to assist with route planning and optimization for a more efficient distribution process.

It can be difficult to find the right apps. There is a wide range of applications available. Although both of these programs have route planning and optimization capabilities, there are some significant variations between them. These software solutions can cater to a variety of businesses with differing needs. Regardless of the features, the program should strive to improve fleet operations, provide comfort for salespeople, improve connectivity, improve overall logistics, and ultimately contribute to profitability.

Table of Contents

  • Overview of Routing and Route Management
  • 8 Best Route Planning Software Solutions for 2021
  • 6 Common Features of Route Management Software
  • 7 Benefits of Having a Route Management Software for Your Delivery Business
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Conclusion

Overview of Routing and Route Management

What does “Routing” Mean?

Routing is the process of transporting or shipping a package from one location to another using the most effective path. Routing is achieved with dedicated routing software to find the best and shortest distribution path.

What is Route Management, and how does it work?

Route management is the systematic planning of delivery routes that takes into account factors such as schedules, traffic, vehicle capability, and so on. Route Management aids in the management of distribution routes, delivery drivers, fleets, and the overall delivery operation.

What is Route Management Software, and how does it work?

A Route Management Software is a tool that stores all of the necessary information for controlling a distribution route using advanced optimization algorithms and digital mapping. With several routes, work orders, fleets, and delivery drivers, route management software can handle the entire delivery process.

8 Best Route Planning Software Solutions for 2021

Here is the list of the best route planning software solutions for your business.

#1 EasyRoutes

Route Planning & Optimization, Delivery Management Software

EasyRoutes is a distribution route planning software that assists companies in planning and optimizing their routes. The design of EasyRoutes is based on a human-centered approach. It has a number of useful features, including direct integration with Shopify orders, route sharing, intelligent route splitting, and more. EasyRoutes is a Shopify app that syncs across the internet, Android, and iOS devices and is cloud-based.

#2 Circuit

Field Sales Management

In just a few minutes, Circuit Route Planner will help fleet managers create routes with up to 500 stops. For better control over distribution operations, Circuit for Teams provides best-in-class route optimization, driver monitoring, customer alerts, and reliable ETAs. It allows you to track your delivery driver down to the minute.

#3 Badger Maps

Field Sales Management

Badger Maps is another common route optimization software designed specifically for field sales reps to increase their field efficiency. By integrating Google Maps data from the CRM, route optimization, schedule planning, and lead generation on the mobile device, Badger Maps helps make field sales more effective. Badger Maps is a good route planning program to solve the dilemma of the traveling salesperson.

#4 Route4Me

Field Sales Management

Route4Me is a simple delivery route planning tool that allows you to build, share, and manage optimized routes. It was created with field sales, field marketing, territory management, and all types of distribution businesses in mind. You can schedule routes in seconds with this dynamic route optimization program.

#5 WorkWave Route Manager

Fleet Management Software

WorkWave is a cloud-based fleet management and service solution that assists companies in managing their mobile workforce. It enables fleet managers to schedule around customer demands and time windows. Routes can be received via the mobile app, as well as proof of delivery and quick check-in and out of stops. GPS makes it easy to track drivers and maintain complete visibility.

#6 Routific

Fleet Management Software

Routific is a route planning solution that aims to assist companies in managing their distribution activities, whether it’s food delivery, furniture delivery, package delivery, or fresh produce delivery. It enables businesses to deliver packages on time, monitor drivers, and reduce delivery costs. Delivery Analytics, Proof of Delivery, and Shopify Integration are some of Routific’s other functions.

#7 OptimoRoute

The cloud-based routing program from Optimoroute assists drivers and technicians in designing efficient routes. Live tracking and ETA, RealTime Order Tracking, RealTime Route Modification, Weekly Planning, and Breadcrumbs are just a few of the useful features offered by Optimoroute.

#8 Onfleet

With features including API integration, automatic SMS notification, and driver monitoring on a real-time dashboard, Onfleet is a delivery management platform that makes preparing and handling deliveries easier. Multinational couriers, distributors, retailers, and even on-demand distribution startups have used Onfleet’s route planning tools in industries ranging from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals.

6 Common Features of Route Management Software

#1 Dynamic Multi-Stop Route Planning

The platform must be capable of handling both on-demand and scheduled orders. Adding changes to a multi-stop route can have a significant impact on the overall plan. The program must be capable of handling complex planning and rerouting as required. If the order or priorities change for some purpose, the program should take care of it by creating a new job.

#2 Proof of Delivery

Any fleet management program should provide the ability to generate proof of delivery and connect it to the drivers’ notes. This establishes a structure which ensures that the shipment is safely delivered by the driver.

#3 Geocoding

A geocoder is included in any route optimization program. However, obtaining precise latitude and longitude coordinates is a difficult job. Accurate geocoding allows you to easily locate unclear addresses and gain access to a large database of local addresses and locations.

#4 Mobile-Friendly

Field sales reps and drivers can’t rely on secondhand knowledge from the office. Changes and modifications to a standard route can be identified using a mobile-friendly view. While completing their delivery tasks, drivers can use a mobile-friendly delivery view to submit delivery alerts, capture proof of delivery, and send customer notifications.

#5 Real-Time Information

Businesses can improve their distribution operations by using data such as real-time driver position and real-time traffic consideration. The company and its customers will know when deliveries will be completed thanks to real-time driver position. With real-time traffic statistics, you can figure out which roads to avoid and create better routes.

#6 Updated Maps

A few pieces of software claim to have the best route optimization algorithm and other features, but their maps remain unchanged from five years ago. No matter what algorithm you use, if the app does not have up-to-date maps, your drivers will not be able to find the correct location. The plans must be revised on a regular basis with current data and location information. When mapping data is current, deliveries take less time and the burden of constantly updating delivery information is lessened.

7 Benefits of Having a Route Management Software for Your Delivery Business

#1 Automated Scheduling

Routing software automates the process of preparing routes and developing a systematic strategy. Simply enter the addresses and other constraints, and the route optimization algorithm will generate efficient multi-stop routes for you.

#2 Route Management in Real Time

When using route management software, any last-minute orders or adjustments to the route can be easily accommodated. Drivers do not waste time or fuel travelling around to places they are not expected to go because of real-time route management capabilities.

#3 Driver Safety

Each driver who embarks on a delivery mission assumes a number of risks. Drivers can easily concentrate on the road, get real-time traffic alerts, real-time weather forecasts, and detect routes with faulty roads or congestion by using route management software in a mobile app. When you can monitor the drivers in real time and get performance analytics, you can find out how fast they drive and spot signs of risky conduct. It’s a lot easier to manage risk now that you have this detail.

#4 Time & Money Savings

Drivers do not have to waste time and fuel searching for the destination when schedule preparation is automated and accurate multi-stop routes are established. A company will save time and money this way.

#5 Customer Satisfaction Improvement

Route planning applications assist you in providing your customers with fast and efficient delivery services. Customer loyalty increases as a result of features such as real-time order monitoring, customer alerts, and direct communication with drivers.

#6 Operational Flexibility and Scalability

The route optimization solution’s dynamic design aids in increasing operational versatility. Scalability and organization benefit when daily activities are versatile, easily scalable, and adaptable to changes.

#7 Handle More Deliveries

You will generate more orders and organize them into routes if you spend less time preparing routes and deliveries. You will be able to make further deliveries as a result of this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you save time and money by optimizing delivery routes?

Route optimization software creates route plans or delivery routes that are succinct and take into account real-time variables. This will cut down on the number of miles and time it takes to complete a delivery. With properly optimized roads, you can eventually save time and money.

What is the best method for planning a multi-stop route?

Route planning software like EasyRoutes is the perfect way to plan a route with multiple stops. You have the option of using a paid version of the app or a free trial. There are free apps available, such as Google Maps, that allow you to plan a route with up to several stops.

Is it possible to plan a route with several stops using Google Maps?

Yes, except your starting point, Google Maps can only plan a multi-stop route of up to 9 exits.


Spending more time preparing deliveries is the last thing any delivery business needs to do. If delivery services can be managed by machines, businesses can concentrate on more pressing issues. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best route management tools available in 2021, as well as information on how they can help you. Now it’s up to you to decide which one is best for your business.

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